Why kids’ clothing?

Why kids’ clothing?

Just because all our other ideas were ridiculous.

We wanted a clothing label that represents the vibrant spirit of Africa: bright colours, bold designs and characters that overflow with personality.

We have come a long way since then, overcoming many obstacles on the way. Our t-shirts are now sold all over s.a – in the major airports as well as the kruger national park, on top of table mountain, and many other famous tourist spots. Now, finally it is time to take off the stabilisers and release our baby onto the world wide web.

Both kids and adults love our colourful characters which are printed onto the highest quality locally milled cotton fabric and then made into our stylish easy-fit kids’ tees.

Don’t worry we know your naughty monsters are growing up so we are forever coming up with new styles and designs to ensure they will always have a Naughty Monster T-Shirt to wear.